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Menopause-Don’t let it Run your Life-Final Episode

The Final Phase and how do we get through it?

Post Menopause is the final stage and some of it can seem to last forever but for the most part it’s going to be a breeze if you are prepared.  Your hormones, estrogen, progesterone and progesterone are all at their lowest now so it’s time to step things up to get yourself feeling better and on with you life.

Your libido might still be out the window but you can turn up the heat so to speak by having date nights, candlelit dinners at home, taking care of yourself and still feeling sexy with a new outfit or haircut.  Don’t let this time of your life consume you and make you feel like you are not worth the work anymore.








Bone density is important to prevent fractures later in life so be sure you are getting enough calcium and Vit D.  Both of these in a supplement are perfect as well as continuing to eat dark leafy vegetables and GET OUTSIDE!  No secluding yourself in the house in your dark bedroom.  There is no reason for this and cause you to be even more blue.  Get moving.

Metabolism and difficulty losing weight were one of my biggest struggles as they are most of the women I talked to.  By adding 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week and some Resistance exercise, even if it’s just lifting 2 pound weights while you are walking, or doing a few push-ups on your knees. These are all really important for firing up that furnace again.  Watching portion control, carb consumption and eliminating sugar are huge right now too.  They cause inflammation and can lead to you not wanting to move even more.

Thinning, wrinkly and dry skin are a huge issue.  Myself, I have found that if I don’t drink enough water in the day, it’s even worse.  Find a moisturizing product that works for you and stick with it every day.

Tips that I have found Helpful.

A fun method I learned recently was acupressure for my hot flashes.  By rubbing on your ears, did you know that you could decrease the occurrence by about 35% and decrease the intensity by even more?  I like to use geranium essential oil found here on, after rubbing in a small amount of lotion or coconut oil into my hands. I take one drop onto my index finger and thumb and starting at the top of the ear, massage in a circular pattern while taking slow deep breaths until you reach the ear lobe.  Then with your thumb and index finer, pull your ears away from your head with a gentle tug, also deeply breathing with each pull. Starting from the top of the ear, middle of the ear and then bottle of the ear lobes.

A have also found acupuncture very helpful for my hot flashes.  Some insurances will cover it especially if your symptoms are debilitating and your doctor can recommend it.  The clinic that I go to and love is  I love my practitioner there, “Charlene Van Horn”

I also love having a cool pillow and this is one that I like also from and it even works great for headaches too.

You got this!!!

We can get through this stage in our life with the right lifestyle changes, diet, exercise and supplements if you choose.  It’s NOT the time to seclude yourself and for heaven sicks feel like you have to go through this alone.  There are a ton of resources out there.

We should be enjoying this new chapter of our lives not feeling like we have a black cloud over our head.  So menopause can be a time of life when many women move from being passive to setting boundaries and becoming more goal oriented. Many women learn to speak their minds more easily. Women change. Their personalities change, their outlook on life changes. This is part of the process. This can be a rich time, and deep inward direction can come out of it. We want to feel amazing, sexy, inspired and gorgeous.  We can be a teacher to others coming up behind us and help them to move forward as well.