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What People are Saying About Cheryl

"I was on A BP med and the doctor took me off the water pill cause my BP is down!"


"I started 21 day fix with caution after having my baby. I was 156 pounds and the most I've ever weighed. I couldn't wait to get cleared to exercise! I did 3 rounds of 21 day fix, the first round with the really hitting my diet as well. After the three rounds, I went from 156 to 136! I hadn't weighed that in years! I'm grateful to Cheryl for introducing the program and getting me moving! I felt strong, beautiful, and motivated to keep healthy. If you are thinking about it, just go for it! You are worth the extra effort!"

- Liz

"Beachbody literally saved my health and my sanity! No other program has offered me any long term success. There are no crazy pills to take (you might lose some weight but your pocketbook becomes $1,000 lighter); Weight Watchers just didn’t work for me as i lost 0 pounds in the 3 months i was a member; Nutra System..did not work at just made me starving for real food. Beach Body isn’t a fad diet is the real deal! Anyone who will just follow the plan for 21 Days....will be amazed at the results! I am still amazed even after a few months. What the icing on the cake is, is Shakeology!"

- Janine

"I am at the beginning of a journey. I don't think the journey will ever end, but that is ok. The journey is mine, about me and for me. The last couple of years have been rough. I have been ill and had a major injury. Although I continue to struggle I have been getting better… Are you still with me? Here comes the good part. I joined an Accountability Group in the beginning of August with my Beach Body Coach Cheryl. I challenged myself to eating right, working out to a fun program and drinking a magic potion called Shakeology. In that 30 days I lost 9 inches. I have continued in another challenge group and am looking forward to tbose results. More important than lost inches or smaller pants size is the change in the way I feel. I have energy for my job with some to spare for my Fiance and/or grandchildren. I can feel myself getting stronger physically which in turn increases my inner strength. I am grateful. That is the best word for it. I am so blessed to have people in my group that care about my success. I have a Coach that has invested in my health AND well being. It is nothing short of miraculous. At this time last year I was in a wheelchair. Recently I was able to take my grandson to the fair. That was 4+ hours if walking around. Yep I did that. Me. I hope you get to experience a journey like mine. I am a better partner, mom, grandma, teacher...person. I cannot wait to see how far I can go."

- Nikki