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Menopause-Dont let it Run your Life Episode 3

Common symptoms of Menopause

  1.  You are ready to celebrate!! No more periods!!!  Less products to buy means less expense each month, and decreased hormonal changes equate less bouts with emotional roller coasters and less acne, and those are all things to celebrate.
    If you start experiencing irregular periods, or yours starts disappearing altogether then you may be starting to drift into the menopause stage.
  2. Mood swings are another common symptom of menopause. If your spouse is complaining that your emotions appear to be on a roller coaster ride, then you may be beginning menopause. No one wants to hear their spouse tell them that they seem to appear moody or easily irritated, but often we are totally unaware of it until it’s brought to our attention. 
  3. Before menopause your vaginal lining is typically very moist and soft. Once you hit menopause that often disappears and you may start to experience itching and irritation. This happens due to a drop in your estrogen levels, due to the lack of moisture on the vaginal walls it can often make sex very uncomfortable.
    Instead of giving up on sex with your partner altogether, you can always try to use gels, foams, or herbs to help decrease these dryness symptoms. Be open with your partner too.  Don’t just shun him away but explain to him what’s going on.
  4. Weight gain is experienced by millions of women going through menopause, so don’t freak out over this symptom as it is a temporary one! Yes it sucks.  You never had to worry about your weight and now everything seems to pack on the pounds.
    The weight usually accumulates in the tummy, so if you notice that you are gaining weight for no apparent reason, it may be due to menopause.
  5. Night Sweats are hot flashes that appear while you sleep and cause excessive sweating. For some of us it can be so intense that it will disrupt our sleep, and sometimes I have even had to change my nightclothes. Sometimes it  helps to sleep without heavy clothing on. Don’t layer on blankets either, and if it helps to sleep with a fan on, then do it. I have found that taking Melatonin helps with the better sleep and less night sweats.
  6. This is a BIGGEY.  There will always be ups and downs in a woman’s sex drive, but there are a lot more downs when we hit menopause.
    It can be frustrating when you feel a lack of sex drive or lack of intimacy towards your partner. It’s equally as challenging for your partner as well as they are somewhat helpless in this side effect and have to hold on and ride the wave right along with you. Speak up and let him know what’s going on.  The occasional date night or candle lit dinner at home can help this to not be such a big deal and if needed there are female supplements like Macca, that might help with that.
  7. Not only are you now having night sweats, but you may be sitting there wide awake, unable to fall asleep. Your brain just won’t shut off.  When your estrogen levels go down your brain will start giving off fight or flight signals that will force you to stay awake all night. I try to have a routine every night and shut things down at the same time very night.  Have a cup of tea, read a book.  Keep the light low and no eating after 7.  
  8. Hair loss or thinning of the hair can happen with menopause. It’s another problem that happens with the loss of estrogen and can be one of the more obvious physical symptoms of menopause. And sometimes even facial hair starts to form.  That dreaded “mustache” might just call for a waxing. There are a number of products for healthy hair growth.