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Uses for Coconut Oil

In today’s age of trying to use natural ingredients more so than processed and manufactured materials, coconut oil has many uses and benefits. As one of the more versatile supplements out there, this power packed oil comes in many forms and has a large list of possible recipes to incorporate into your daily routine. Here are just a few examples of the amazing benefits of using coconut oil.


Coconut oil contains saturated fats that aid in the digestion process. Allowing the body to absorb necessary vitamins and nutrients will assist in our nutrition plan and help our body maximize what we are putting into it. Another added benefit about our digestion, coconut oil can also increase our energy and also jump start our metabolism.

Stress Relief

Using coconut oil has been shown to decrease stress levels as well as mental fatigue. Through the power of aroma therapy, coconut oils displace a soothing stress-relieving smell that many people use in massage rooms or throughout their homes. The oil can also be used as a massage cream in itself that will help you forget those stress-filled days and feel rejuvenated.

The Extra Stuff

While coconut oil does have many direct benefits to our fitness lifestyle, it also has a variety of uses that can assist in simple everyday living. We can always use a little help in saving time or a quick fix around the house.

Other Uses:

  • Beauty and health benefits such as body scrubs, hair conditioners, skin irritations, etc.

  • Helping protect our skin in the sun

  • Improving cholesterol

  • Control acne

  • Help our four-legged friend’s general health

  • Different areas of cooking and in the kitchen