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Snacks and How They Stack Up

Snacking is normal for many people on the go. Lots of people eat when they are out to save time. If you happen to be on the move and need to stop for a snack there are a few choices that may be better for you than you expect.

On A Flight
Salted Pretzels vs. Salted Nuts – Nuts are the Better Choice!

Nuts are a heart-healthy option with more protein and fiber, and is a more satisfying snack meal choice.

Gas Station
Trail Mix vs. Banana Chips – Trail Mix is the Better Choice!

Banana chips are cooked in oil and loaded with sugar, so the unsweetened trail mix has dried fruit and nuts is a good choice.

Coffee Shop
Fruit & Cheese Protein Pack vs. Fruit Yogurt Parfait – Fruit & Cheese Protein Pack is the Better Choice!

You get a better shot of protein and fiber in the fruit and cheese. The yogurt and granola are often flavored with sugar which increases the reason to have the fruit and cheese pack instead.

Sandwich Shop
Sandwich on wheat vs. Wheat wrap – Wheat Sandwich is the Better Choice!

This breaks down to the simple fact that bread that is 100% whole grain wheat is high in fiber and made without refined grains like many wraps are now. Of course- be aware of what is on the sandwich or wrap!

Grocery Checkout Isle
Chocolate-covered Almonds vs. Yogurt-covered Raisins – Chocolate-covered almonds is the Better Choice!

The winner ends up being the nuts for the protein yet again. The sad part is the deceiving use of the word yogurt on the raisins which is usually not even yogurt but oil.

This is a BONUS shared before but important
Fruit Snack vs. Fruit Candy- Which is the better choice?

This is a big one for home with kids. Which would you choose? Often fruit snacks are considered healthier, but in fact, they often have the same amount of sugar as the candy. This is a draw. The better choice is real fruit that is full of great vitamins for you all.