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Gardening for Beginners Episode 6

Wrapping it up for now

Growing more with less space, is where it’s at these days and where I would like to wrap this blog series up for now.  I will be returning in the Spring when it’s time to start planning and heading out to the garden.  But here are a few great tips that I have learned from “Mel Bartholomew” in his book, Square Foot Gardening,  found on

  1.  Raised Garden Beds are better than garden rows.  This can maximize your growing space without needing walking paths between the rows.  You can make them about 5×5 square or at least no wider that 6′ so that you can reach in the center from all angles.  You can even build boxes with a “key hole” so that you can stand in the middle and
    reach around the bed.






2.  Optimize Space with a center path that only needs to be big enough to carry buckets and walking through, about 25″  and then paths between beds only need to be about 18″.  Plant crops close together to maximize space by following the suggestions in Mel’s book.  I like to give Tomatoes plenty of space so you have good air flow around the plants.

3.  Grow vertically with any of your trailing plants.  Use pre-made trellis from the garden shops, or any type of framework and fencing or wire.

4.  Succession planting is another great way to use your space by selecting crops that will be done harvesting early in the season and then planing something in it’s place.  We did that last year with the potatoes.  When they were harvested we planted a crop of late summer turnips and parsnips and carrots.

5.  Interplanting maximizes your space by planting crops that will come ripe at different times.  That way the later season items won’t shade or take over the space before the early crop is ready to harvest.






6. Grow in the shade is great for protecting the delicate leaved plants.  If you are growing vertical, plant lettuce underneath to protect from the sun.

7.  Grow food in the front yard.  Not your typical plants but herbs and edible flowers.  And if you live in an area where there are homeowner rules, be sure to check to be sure you can actually have a garden anywhere in your yard.  They may only allow it in the back yard.

8.  Grow microgreens that you can plant very close together and “cut and come again” harvest them until the weather gets too warm or they stop reproducing.  






9.  Grow in pots and containers when you can, especially for things that might need special attention or conditions.  And this gives you the opportunity to grow on your patio or apartment balcony.

Thank you so much for following my blog series.  I look forward to showing you more of our garden in the spring.