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Five 21 Day Fix Approved Foods To Center Meal Planning Around This Summer

Summertime can be difficult for us because of the many delicious distractions that will surround us during these sunny months. Bbq’s, pool parties and Forth of July festivities can include many fatty and unhealthy choices that will pull us off track and may hinder our progress. Instead of straying off course this summer, try focusing meal prepping around these versatile foods that can be easy, fun, and healthy!

Celery – Celery can be used in many different recipes and is easy to carry on the go. As for its many health benefits, celery can increase the body’s immune system, decrease risk of various diseases, and consists of about 95% water which is great when the temperatures start rising and sun exposure is increased. Celery is also very low in calories and pairs great with a peanut butter spread for a healthy, protein infused snack.


Carrots – Another easily packed food perfect for days at the beach or long road trips are carrots. Carrots should be used as often as possible this summer. Carrots can again aid in staying hydrated as they are 87% water and help keep your body refreshed. Carrots can also help prevent several types of chronic disease while also being very beneficial to your skin.


Watermelon – Using your purple containers for some diced watermelon this summer can be a fun and healthy choice for a snack. Because watermelon consists of basically only water and sugar, it is a tasty dessert-like fruit that can help you stay hydrated on long days in the sun. Watermelon also contains lycopene which helps aid in the prevention of sun damage to your skin.

Berries – Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries all can be used in many different ways to keep meals fresh and new. Berries can be used as breakfast, lunch, snacks or desserts and because of their sweet taste are easy to eat for multiple meals. Containing high levels of antioxidants which increase blood flow throughout the body help aid in your skin’s sensitivity to light.

BerriesShakeology – A staple of 21 Day Fix meal plans, Shakeology is a great source of protein and can be mixed with whatever fruit or flavor of your choice (as long as you have the correct amount of containers available). Using Shakeology can also be a fun, healthy alternative for the whole family using it instead of sugar and calorie packed desserts. What better way to enjoy a meal pool-side than having an icy Shakeology drink to keep your body refreshed and replenished.