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Yoga for Couples

Yoga is powerful and can work with strengthening and lengthening your muscles. Yoga can also be done with your partner. Couples yoga has is a way to boost your bond with your significant other.

There are two popular forms of couples yoga to try.

Acro – Yoga

Acro-Yoga is both traditional yoga and acrobatics. It is a practice that uses fun poses that promotes flexibility, strength, and balance for both of you. This form promotes teamwork and trust and is good for firming up relationships.

A Move to Try

Double Downward Dog
Have the stronger partner stand a few feet behind, and both go into a downward dog pose. Their hands should be between your legs. Lift your feet onto their shoulders and slowly walk up to their back. Stop at the hips. Hold this pose for five full breaths and then have your partner drop to their knees. That will be an easier way to walk off their back.

Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is relaxing and is a way to become more in touch with your sensuality. Research shows that this form of yoga promoted a 24% decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. It nurtures a more sensuous connection with your partner.

A Move to Try

Yab Yum
Have your partner sit cross-legged on the floor with you sitting on their lap facing them and hooking your ankles around their back. Hug, touching foreheads, close your eyes, and breathe together for 2 minutes. Increase this practice over time with a goal of 20 minutes.  Researchers suggest you try this daily for a few weeks, which can be beneficial for your relationship.


Ready to get some yoga time!