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Menopause-Don’t Let it Run Your Life Episode 1

Menopause-What is it and When does it happen?

I know for me that my symptoms started when I was in my late 40’s.  The first thing that happened was the moodiness and irritability.  My family didn’t really know what was happening and it even affected my job performance.  What the heck was happening to me?

Then came the weight gain and boy did it ever.  I started trying everything to get it off and it was a real struggle.  With this came the body image issues and not feeling sexy anymore. This became a real problem on a personal level, if you know what I mean.

Then came the hot flashes.  What the heck was happening to my body.  One moment I was fine and the next, I was sweating and taking my clothes off.  This became a joke in our family that I didn’t think was so funny. It really affected me at times when it wasn’t so cool, like in the middle of talking to a patient or trying to be intimate with my husband.

Lastly was the irregular and very frequent menstrual cycle.  I would barely get done and then another wave would come.  One more thing to impact our already changing bedroom activities.  Would this ever end?  Was I going to be needing stock in Playtex?

All these changes are part of the many symptoms that come with menopause.  It is a very natural occurrence in a women’s life and it can happen at any time in the 40’s-50’s.  The hormones that we should have in abundance are now getting all out of control and I suggest that you roll with the flow and do something about it.

Too many times I have seen women just roll over and let it consume them and take over their happiness.  This doesn’t have to happen and I will share with you in this series some ways to overcome this dark cloud that is looming over your life.