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Menopause-Don’t Let it Run Your Life Episode 2

How to Prepare for this change

We have life forces that control our bodies and emotions.  The water or Yin sign and the Fire or Yang sign.  When we go into menopause the “water” source drops suddenly and this causes a huge shift in how our body reacts to heat, stress and sleep.  Think of it like this; there is no water to put out that fire, no water to cushion your frazzled nerves and no water to soften our heart at night so that we can sleep.



Let’s get prepared:

To better prepare ourselves for this change there are a few things that we can do years before so this would be some great tips to share with your daughters or younger friends too.

Put the right things in your body

We want to make sure that we have these “sources” full and with reserves to help us when our body is being taxed by these hormone changes.  You can do this by eating foods that will fill up your water energy.  Things like yams, pears, cucumbers, sesame seeds, grass fed beef, fish, dark leafy greens, soy and flax seed.  Herbs like evening primrose oil, Vit D and B are a few  of my favorites but always check with your doctor or naturopath for more suggestions and to be sure there are no contraindications for special herbs or vitamins.

Get in Balance

We have mechanisms in our body that can help us get things in balance by eliminating things that throw a wrench in our natural cycle.  Avoid water and food that is packed in plastic, avoid cooking in plastic in the microwave or eliminate the microwave all together.  Use non-toxic chemicals for cleaning, natural makeups and lotions as much as possible. EAT CLEAN (avoid processed foods, refined sugars and flour, artificial sugars, alcohol). Avoid Teflon coated pans. Get enough sleep (5-7 hours). Manage stress (try meditation or even deep concentrated breathing for 3 minutes a day and exercise)

 Fuel Your Body Right

Drink plenty of water, about 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  Eat lots of fruits and veggies, about 50% of your diet or 8 servings.  Eat healthy fats every day- avocado, coconut oil, Olive oil, nuts, salmon, GHEE. And get at least 3 servings of protein a day.


♥ So to sum it up we can control some of the changes in our bodies and minds by just switching up how we eat and choose to live our lives.  Consume foods and herbs that can help.  Get rid of things that can disrupt our balance.  Get enough sleep and manage stress and eat clean.

This is all normal and we are NOT WEIRD!!!!