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Gardening For Beginners Episode 1

As a child I had always grown up having a garden and I remember helping my dad plant on Memorial Day weekend.  He never planted any earlier than that because he worried about the weather.  I remember having zucchini the size of my arm and fresh berries, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes every year.  This must have been where I got my greenthumb.

Fast forward to about 20 years later and now I have my own family and I wanted them to enjoy the same fresh produce and have my kids learn where our food came from.  Until this past year we never really had a big garden and I always just planted in pots, barrels, boxes or whatever vessel I had that would survive on the deck or in the yard.  I did alot of research on what would grow in our area, where it needed to be planted and when to plant them.  I had done most of my growing from starts from the local greenhouses or big box stores.  Two years ago we decided we wanted to go full on serious gardening but knew that we needed to do some research and learn about different gardening methods that worked well in the area and in the soil that we had.  Our soil was very hard, rocky and full of clay.  We knew that we needed to do something else with it so found out about Back To Eden Gardening and Paul Gautschi. Even more exciting is that he lived in our area so we would be able to visit his farm.

Gardening is trial and error and we have had success and failures over the years, including losing my whole crop of tomatoes last year.  But, with researching and choosing the proper methods on how and when and what to plant, you too can have a success garden whether it be in pots on your deck, raised beds in your yard or a full on garden on your property.

This is where my series of GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS is going to come in.  I’ll guide in steps to grow yummy veggies for your family in easy to understand methods.